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Training catalog

our specific, TESTED AND customized solutions
In our catalog you can find the suitable course for every Lean training need of your company.
The courses are organized in 5 main areas of intervention:
Flows & Efficiencies Area

To help companies eliminate all operations that do not create added value for the customer, orienting them towards the identification of a lean flow for a simple and high-yield management of the production chain

Quality Area

To provide theoretical and operational bases for an adequate implementation of the Quality Control of companies in the plastic sector and the tools to identify in which area of the process inefficiencies are generated to carry out decisive interventions

Technology & Materials Area

To provide an all-out vision of technology, materials, processes and logics of productivity and performance of plastics companies and the techniques to solve problems related to technological processes, eradicating their causes

Logistics & Layout Area

To provide theoretical and practical tools for a correct reorganization of spaces and production logics, aimed at reducing stocks and optimizing the flow of Value that leads to the creation of finished products

Managerial Area

To educate company personnel by providing theoretical and practical means and tools to develop people's managerial skills. It therefore means adopting a strongly goal-oriented and Problem Solving approach

In addition to the individual courses, we have designed, studied and composed real training courses of several days: the Excellence courses
Excellence Paths

Excellence paths are characterized by a new approach to training. An evolution of the classic courses, which responds to the changing needs of the market. Our specialized Lean courses are customized, to integrate all the tools that can respond to the needs and problems that a manager faces every day: Waste hunting, cost reduction, ...

Our courses are aimed at all production sectors.
At the same time, the presence of a strong plastic specialization within our consulting company has allowed us to compose a catalog of excellence courses and courses designed exclusively for the plastic industry, whose particularity and uniqueness requires specific skills.


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