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"Introduction to Lean Plastic"

The method for the continuous improvement of companies in the rubber-plastic sector.

"Introduction to Lean Plastic"

SKU: 13301A2020
  • The manual "Introduction to Lean Plastic" by Alessandro Grecu has been published in a revised and in-depth edition *

    It bears the signature of Alessandro Grecu  (in the photo) the manual "Introduction to Lean Plastic", which in the new revised and in-depth version illustrates in detail the Lean Plastic Method for continuous improvement within companies in the rubber-plastic sector.

    The text avoids clichés and generalized approaches to focus instead on the intrinsic characteristics and potential of the company, employees and the way of working.

    The author, the leading expert on the Lean Plastic method, answers key questions such as: What are the critical factors for the success of a plastic company reorganization (machinery, molds and polymer transformation)? How does a Lean Plastic reorganization take place? What are the specific tools to implement it?

    * review taken from the portal


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