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Lean Training Factory offers a wide variety of courses and books

for LEAN excellence training

for your managers and production staff


What do we do

We deal with industrial engineering reorganization, for the improvement of performance in the manufacturing, design and logistics areas.


Courses and Webinars
to start

  • Perfect Plastic Cell and 5s - Basic course
    Jul 08, 2:00 PM
    Reorganize workstations and cold rooms according to the "5s" techniques, the principles of ergonomics and Lean & Lean Plastic® efficiency, focusing on the work environment, order, cleanliness, safety, materials management, equipment and work methods. (plastic industry orientation).
  • Webinar: Efficiency of the Plastic Factory
    May 06, 11:30 AM – 12:15 PM
    Productivity increase and cost / yield improvement.
  • Webinar: Lean Plastic®
    Fri, Apr 08
    Apr 08, 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM GMT+2
    LEAN PLASTIC: speed, efficiency and quality for the plastic industry
  • Quick tooling in molding with SMED + SMEM - TOP Course (Platinum)
    Mar 25, 2:00 PM
    Online course
    Maximize efficiency in mold change / format change and restart in the plastic injection molding industry. The course takes place with 2 online sessions of 2 hours each.
  • Webinar: Lean Project Management
    Mar 25, 11:30 AM – 12:15 PM GMT+1
    What are the methods and tools of managers to face everyday problems? Which mindset is the right approach?

To whom our training and consulting services are directed?

Our services are mainly aimed at:

  • plastics industry


  • metalworking industry, for example the construction of steel molds


  • manufacturing industry​​

Consulting areas