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Siamo specialisti dei metodi "Lean". Attraverso la consulenza e la formazione, aiutiamo le aziende, gli imprenditori e i manager a migliorare efficienza, risultati, ridurre fatica e aumentare i margini economici del loro lavoro.

Ci occupiamo di consulenza e formazione. Operiamo nella riorganizzazione manageriale, Lean, gestionale, della qualità.  dell'ingegneria industriale, per il miglioramento delle performance nelle aree


- Aree manifatturiere e della produzione

- Qualità/processi e affidabilistica

- Ambiti dello sviluppo e della progettazione

- Ambiti della logistica, delle scorte e dei layout produttivi e dei magazzini

- Ambiti manageriali della Direzione  di impresa, di divisione, della produzione e di reparto

“Very competent Lean and Business Process Optimisation experts. Use a holistic approach to their recommendations, but most importantly know how to adapt the messages to the different types of organisations they work with, making sure that they engages them with the right level of comprehension and a positive attitude. They are excellent partners for our organisation"
Manuel G.

Alexa Young, CA

We are a player of excellence
in the corporate reorganization in the sectors of
efficiency, quality, costs, speed, ...

SGC Grecu Consulting Partners, an Italian private capital company, has been operating since 1985 in the industrial engineering reorganization to improve performance in the manufacturing, design and logistics areas.

A partner of excellence and long-range experience in industrial production, to support companies in achieving superior performance and standards: in organizational and managerial growth and in the recovery of productivity and efficiency, in the reduction of industrial costs and in the global increase in competitiveness corporate.

The intervention of our engineers and consultants consists in supporting the company in achieving ambitious and fundamental changes (engineering, production, managerial and entrepreneurial) characterized by high quality standards thanks to our know-how, leadership and thirty years of experience in design, delivery, study and improvement of entrepreneurial and industrial performance.

The excellence of the processes and performance of SGC Grecu Consulting engineers is the basis of the solid reputation that the company has been able to build in its over thirty years of activity.

Our history


SGC Grecu Consulting Partners is born, a business consulting company


The Lean Operations division is launched and the Lean Plastic (R) method is born, specific for companies in the plastic sector (molding, extrusion, compounds, ...)

2008 - LEANPRODUCTION.IT is born, the portal for in-depth analysis of Lean systems in the manufacturing and logistics company


Lean Training Factory is launched, a training laboratory to faithfully analyze and study the production and managerial reality operating in the industrial, manufacturing and logistics sector


The Lean Plastic (R) method also becomes Digital, to respond to the increasingly demanding demands of the industry 4.0 market

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